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Used cars About us

  • Web site auto-balkan.com is first web site for shoping or selling cars on Balcan.
  • Our specialty is only for advertising new and used cars on Balkan.
  • Advertising is very simply and practically, primarily for our users.
  • Web site auto-balkan.com aims to customers simplify and facilitate the purchase of vehicles, and vendors that provide them potential buyers contact you.
  • Prices paid ads are the lowest possible prices from all sites for this purpose in the region. Thus we want to encourage internet sales and advertising new and used cars.
  • Web site auto-balkan.com politics leads to his most important clients site and not overloaded with advertising space, which makes it difficult to navigate the users of the site to which it is intended.
  • Also, the website is the perfect place for advertising banners, especially for companies that offer products and financial services related to the auto industry.
  • The site was created in early 2015. Team work of two very young and ambitious entrepreneurs. Who saw an opportunity to create something so far not not seen in our region and to the site auto-balkan.com which combines auto sales market in the Balkans.
  • For additional information and suggestions you can contact us via the contact that is located on the site contact.