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Fair price & fast buy/sell


  • Web site auto-balkan.com has biggiest potential for your ad on Balkan.
  • Ads that can be placed on our web site have to be strictly related for car industry.
  • Politic of our web site is low level for ads space, so ads places are limited but visible. Because predicted places are only header and footer.
  • Because there are only two places for ads, battle is huge, and you have to book in advance, contact us for more details.
  • Informations you can get:
    • Current price of ad space ( depends on period you want ).
    • Is ad space busy and if it is, we can give you information when ad space will be available.
  • Benefits:
    • You gain privilege of taking ad space on long period.
    • You gain privilege of you take both ad space ( header and footer ).
    • You gain privilege if you were already taking ad or ads space in past.
  • Contact us for more informations.